Friday, August 20, 2010

Restaurant Week!

So, I realize I haven't posted anything in quite some time... but that's because 


Oh my absolute favorite time of the year.... I get to eat at super nice restaurants and not break the bank!

So, I brought my camera with me to each restaurant I've been to so far, but I can't seem to bring myself to actually whip it out in the middle of dinner to take pics of my delicious, yummy, well-presented, amazing food.  I'll try to be a little more ballsy in the future.

Dinner #1:

Boyfriend and I had a wonderful time at Union.  The decor reminded me of a Chicago saloon with dark walls and black pleather booths.  Our server, Jesse, was outstanding and the food... oh the food!

I started with a few sliced ripe melon wedges wrapped in prosciutto with fresh mozzarella.  Melon is the epitome of summer and I love the way salty prosciutto really complements its sweetness.  Boyfriend started with the chilled local peach and tomato gazpacho.  I took special notes on this one since my CSA box has been overflowing with peaches and tomatoes the past couple of weeks. 

For our entrees, Boyfriend got the char-grilled marinated hanger steak
with blue cheese stuffed roma tomatoes and grilled smashed potatoes.  The blue cheese stuffed tomatoes were incredible.  I really liked this presentation versus the typical blue-cheese-on-top-of-the-steak thing you normally see at steakhouses.  The steak was cooked to a perfect med-rare.  Yum!  As you can imagine, I only got one tiny bite of Boyfriend's dinner :)  

I got the oven roasted cape bluefish with spicy watermelon pickle charred sweet onions, grilled summer corn and basmati rice pilaf. Bluefish is one of those fishes that I don't get very often so I was excited to see it on the menu. It's hard to find in the stores and most of the time I'm too lazy to haul myself down to the fish pier to get anything fresh. My fish was cooked perfectly and the spicy watermelon relish gave a surprising kick!  The pilaf blew my mind!  It was soooo good.  I'm going to try to re-create it at home... stay tuned!

For dessert, Boyfriend was drooling over the strawberry ice cream soda
with house made syrup, fresh berries and cream
, as he should!  It came out in a big mug and the fresh strawberry flavor and aroma just oozed out. I was quite jealous.  I ordered the raspberry spiked chocolate brownies
with pistachio ice cream
but unfortunately, I somehow got the bread & butter pudding with roasted peaches and vanilla ice cream.  I was slightly bummed because pistachio ice cream is a gift from God!  My personal opinion :)  However, the bread pudding was pretty amazing, so no serious complaints here.

To drink, we got a bottle of 2007 Valpolicello, Corte Rugolin (Veneto,Italy).  I picked this because the method used to make Valpolicello is similar to that used to make my favorite wine ever, Amarone.  It was superb!  It had a nice, relatively high acidity and moderate tannins, and I got dark berries and hints of bitter almond on the palate.  I'm sure it paired better with Boyfriend's steak than my fish, but I certainly wasn't complaining.

Looking ahead, we'll be dining at Beacon Hill Bistro, Tremont 647, and EVOO.  Have I mentioned how much I love Restaurant Week?

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