Sunday, April 11, 2010

Truffled Mushroom Gnocchi

I love truffle oil.

Katie bought some for me at Whole Foods and now I can't stop smelling it. I literally take the lid off nearly every day and just inhale. So, what is the first dish I'll actually use it for...

Truffled Mushroom Gnocchi

I basically adapted this from a recipe in Food & Wine magazine.  The differences are:

* made way more sauce, because Reed just looooves sauce and always asks for more
* used 3 mushroom varieties: cremini, enoki, and shitaki
* used store-bought gnocchi (so sue me, I work hard and just don't have time during the week to make gnocchi! We barely eat before 9pm as it is!)

This recipe is super-simple. Basically, I cooked a bunch of mushrooms, added cream, butter, thyme, and chicken stock (homemade!).  Let that thicken up some with the help of cornstarch.  Boil the gnocchi till they float, then add to the mushroom mixture.  Cooked those together for about 2-4min, then sprinkled a generous amount of parm on top and ran it under the broiler until the top was bubbly brown & delicious.

A little drizzle of truffle oil at the end makes this dish AMAZING! Tastes like you made a fancy meal and only takes about 30min.  If you can't find truffle oil at a store near you, there are plenty of on-line stores to order it from.  I imagine that I will be using it on popcorn next... or mashed potatoes... or french onion soup... or eggs... or I'll just pour it right in my mouth :)  Yeah, it's that good.

And one day i'll learn how to take better food photographs......

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