Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brunch of Champions

Reed and I are golfing with his parents today down in Cohasset.  Its our first golf outing of the year!  We got lucky this year, we literally went straight from skiing in to golfing in 2 weeks flat.

For some fuel, I made some baked eggs in my new individual baking dishes.  This worked out really well for a couple reasons:

1) portioning was easy, and
2) Reed gave me the "sad" face when I pulled out the asparagus... so with the individual dishes, he didn't get any... sucks to be Reed 'cuz they were delicious.

I started by cooking up 3 slices of bacon (for flavor and fat), and when that was done I took them out plus most of the fat (left in about a tbsp) and added some mushrooms. 

Gave them a few minutes on their own, then added asparagus, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes.

 Cooked that until the asparagus was bright green then started the "individualizing" process.

Reed's (in back): mushrooms, bacon, sundried tomatoes
Mine (front): mushrooms, asparagus, sundried tomatoes

Made little wells to fit 2 eggs in each dish and topped the whole thing off with some chevre and shredded basil.


Baked those until the eggs were set (should have taken them out sooner... they were a bit overdone). 

Tasty though!  A great way to start the day and fuel up before spending the next 3+ hours WALKING the golf course.  Now if only I had a mimosa.....

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