Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Co-op's Online Revolution - From Food52

Wow, today alone I have stumbled upon 2 articles echoing the sentiment I posted yesterday about the importance of knowing how to cook, knowing where you food comes from and knowing how its prepared.

I've been a CSA member for years now and it is a source of pride for me (and envy for my friends, especially when I'm loaded with fresh fruits and veggies in the summer). Here, on food52's site, they list a number of new websites dedicated to helping those of us in urban environments get a little closer to sustainability by buying locally. They term it: "techno-locavorism."

The Co-op's Online Revolution - Blog - food52 - food community, recipe search and cookbook contests

Additionally, Martha Stewart just wrote an interesting article comparing "foodies" to "fashionistas." I don't completely agree with all of her points, especially the idea that the current push for sustainability/organic is simply "trendy" as her article subtly implies, but I still think that she makes a good point. I especially like the closing line,
"Like the classic little black dress, good food and entertaining keep evolving, but never go out of style."

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