Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leftover Lunch - Spring Rolls

I used the leftover Miso-Glazed Shrimp from last night's dinner to make spring rolls for lunch.  I love spring rolls, the light, chewy wrapper, the crunchy insides, the various dipping sauces..... .

To make these I just chopped up the shrimp from last night and mixed them with the leftover spicy yogurt sauce to make a "spicy shrimp salad" type concoction.  To add to the filling, I shredded some napa cabbage (left over from the lemongrass chicken dumplings) and carrots, and  I cooked up some mung bean noodles/vermicelli.

Spring roll wrappers take a little getting used to when you're first learning.  Basically, I take one at a time out of the packaging (to keep them from drying out and cracking) and put it into a skillet filled with warm water to soften (maybe 20-30sec).  Then I carefully pull the wrapper out of the water, place it on the counter or a damp cloth, add my fillings, and roll like a burrito.  Usually I try to put a decorative mint or basil leaf toward the outside, too.  Here is a good "how-to" video.

My dipping sauce is just equal parts rice wine vinegar & soy sauce, with a splash of mirin and a splash of sesame oil.


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